Architects and Engineers board celebrates 100th Anniversary

Board helps protect public by ensuring design professionals meet qualifications

NASHVILLE – Ahead of April 9, 2021, the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance’s (TDCI) Division of Regulatory Boards proudly commemorates the 100th anniversary of the creation of the state Board of Examiners for Architects and Engineers on April 9, 1921.

Through rules and laws approved by the Tennessee General Assembly, the Board of Examiners for Architects and Engineers sets the standards and qualifications for the education, experience and performance for architects, engineers, landscape architects and interior designers. Today, Tennessee has more than 50,000 design professionals across four professions who are licensed by the Board.

To honor the Board and its long history of ensuring Tennessee’s design professionals are properly licensed, Gov. Bill Lee, who is an engineer, has issued a proclamation to honor the Board’s 100th anniversary and released a video message to recognize the milestone.

“Since the Board was founded in Nashville, Tennessee on April 9, 1921, they have carried out their mission and purpose of safeguarding life, health and property,” said Lee. “The programs and services they have developed set the standards of practice for Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers in our state.”

The Board is comprised of five professionals representing the various disciplines regulated by the board. The Board has the power, duty and authority to investigate alleged violations of Tennessee law and is also given specific authority to receive and investigate complaints against its licensees and to discipline violators accordingly.

“When I am asked the question ‘why should I use a professional engineer or architect?’ I always respond if you needed a doctor, would you be comfortable knowing that your doctor did not have the proper medical registrations?” said Board Chairman and Managing Partner for Moody Nolan architecture firm Brian Tibbs. “Our registration means that professionals have been required to meet the requirements of the health, safety and welfare of the general public. We are furthermore required to stay relevant with continued learning to maintain that registration. It’s part of our oath to uphold that standard.”

Board Executive Director Michael Schulz highlights the Board and its mission in a new blog post.

“The Board’s work is vital to the ongoing safety and growth of Tennessee as a leader in the nation’s economy,” said Schulz. “I am proud of the Board’s history and its ongoing work to help protect future generations of Tennessee consumers in the decades ahead.”Visit to check the license status of thousands of professionals. Consumers who wish to file a complaint about a licensee may contact the Board at 615-741-3221 or 800-256-5758 or via email at

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