Company looking to bring around 200 jobs

Smithville – Another metal fabricator is setting rivets in Smithville. Anchor Fabrication (AF), a heavy truck metal fabricator, will open a second Tennessee facility there.

“We have been in the Nashville area since the early 1970s. We started out in the food service and heavy truck industry as a metal fabrication company,” human resources manager Gary Parsons told recently. “We moved to Lavergne in the early 1980s, and that is where our present location in Tennessee is now. In 2019 the company (Quality Industries) was bought by Anchor Partners, and we have a plant in Fort Worth Texas and Mississippi as well as a plant in Denton Texas along with the one in Lavergne,” said Parsons.

AF will set up shop in the Industrial Park across from Tenneco Automotive.

In 1989, AF bought its first facility. As the 80s changed to the 90s, the 25,00 square foot facility became fully operational with only 12-foot shears, a punch, track torch, roll and two 12-foot press brakes. Those are humble beginnings for a company that now has locations in Tennessee, Texas and Mississippi and has merged three companies, including Anchor Manufacturing, ABBY, and Quality Industries while boasting 1 million parts, 1 million man hours and 1 million square feet of manufacturing space.

“Since that time, we’ve ambitiously expanded our enterprise, adding square footage and capabilities each step of the way,” according to AF’s website. “We’ve invested in technologically advanced equipment and metal fabrication tools, perfected our process and solidified customer relationships, serving almost every major industry.”

AF has already begun hiring and is looking to add about 200 jobs, WJLE reported.

“We are glad to be moving into the Smithville area. It’s new business for our company and an extension of our LaVergne plant to start a new facility here,” said Parsons.

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