Grants will assist with local infrastructure, safety and other community improvements

Upper Cumberland – Thirteen communities in the Upper Cumberland will receive community development block grants. The list of those communities follows:

Applicant, Project Title, Award Amount

  • White County, EMS Improvements, $423,086
  • Pickett County, EMS Improvements, $357,280
  • Overton County, Fairgrounds Revitalization, $545,330
  • McMinnville, Sewer System Enhancements, $630,000
  • Monterey, Sewer System Improvements, $315,000
  • Macon County, Fire Protection, $364,465
  • Livingston, Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation, $450,000
  • Crab Orchard, Street Improvements, $200,000
  • Crossville, ADA Greenway Trail, $630,000
  • DeKalb County, Ambulance Service, $352,497
  • Cannon County, Fire Protection, $420,000
  • Spencer, Water System Rehabilitation,  $630,000
  • Gainesboro, Sewer System Improvements, $630,000

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Stuart C. McWhorter recently approved the $36.6 million in total Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which will assist communities with infrastructure improvements, housing rehabilitations and health and safety initiatives.

“Congratulations to the 78 communities receiving funding through the latest round of Community Development Block Grants,” said Lee. “What happens in rural Tennessee matters to all Tennesseans, and these infrastructure improvements will be key in preparing communities for future economic development opportunities and continued growth.”

The allocation of CDBG funds is based on priorities set through the public meeting process at the local community level. The CDBG program is funded through HUD and administered in Tennessee by the Department of Economic and Community Development. Funds are available for water and sewer improvements, housing rehabilitation, health and safety projects and other improvements to enhance the quality of life in Tennessee’s rural communities.

In addition to traditional community improvement and safety projects, funding was also made available for community development projects, such as sidewalk and walking trail improvements, street paving and community centers.

“Recruiting companies to Tennessee and supporting our state’s existing business is a small part of our role at TNECD. Before we can land a new project, celebrate an expansion or provide support to small businesses, we have to ensure that our communities have the infrastructure and quality of life to support and attract these economic development opportunities,” said McWhorter. “The latest round of Community Development Block Grants is assisting 78 of Tennessee’s communities with needed updates that will boost their quality of life for years to come.”

Below is a list of the 67 other Community Development Block Grants throughout the state:

  • Applicant         Project Title     Award Amount
  • Ardmore, Storm Shelter, $400,000
  • Baileyton, Park Improvements, $308,594
  • Bell Buckle, Sewer Rehabilitation, $630,000
  • Brownsville, Hatchie Street Safety Improvements, $630,000
  • Cannon County, Fire Protection, $420,000
  • Caryville, All Inclusive Park & Amphitheater, $627,005
  • Centerville, Sewer System Rehabilitation, $525,000
  • Coalmont, Fire Station Project, $537,590
  • Collinwood, Street Improvements, $270,000
  • Copperhill, Sewer System Improvements-Phase II, $630,000
  • Cornersville, Sidewalk Improvements, $208,826
  • Dover, Road Infrastructure Improvement, $313,171
  • Dunlap, Harris Park Improvements-Phase II, $630,000
  • Dyer, City Park ADA Improvements, $399,535
  • Elizabethton, Community Pool Renovation, $630,000
  • Estill Springs, Street Improvements, $456,261
  • Ethridge, Fire Protection, $420,000
  • Etowah, Fire Station Project, $630,000
  • Fayette County, Emergency Management Complex/Fire Station, $630,000
  • Franklin County, Fire Protection, $398,400
  • Gainesboro, Sewer System Improvements, $630,000
  • Gallaway, Sewer System Improvements, $300,000
  • Greeneville, Sidewalk Improvements, $630,000
  • Hamblen County, Fire Service Improvements, $420,000
  • Hawkins County, Highway Department Improvements, $630,000
  • Haywood County, Ambulance Authority Renovation Project, $630,000
  • Henderson, Fire Improvement Project, $419,995
  • Henning, Water System Improvements, $286,700
  • Hollow Rock, Local Park Improvements, $630,000
  • Jasper  City, Park Improvements-Phase I, $630,000
  • Kimball, Fire Protection, $420,000
  • Lake County, Ambulance Service, $378,820
  • Lexington, Communication System Improvements, $580,803
  • Linden, Sewer System Rehabilitation , $329,000
  • Lobelville, Street Improvements , $332,833
  • Lynnville, Street Improvements , $110,565
  • Madison County, Emergency Services Facility, $630,000
  • Madisonville, Sewer System Improvements, $534,640
  • Martin Recreation, Facility Improvements, $630,000
  • Maury City, Sewer System Improvements, $274,085
  • Maury County, Sewer System Rehabilitation, $560,000
  • Maynardville, Park Development Project, $587,572
  • McMinn County, Bicentennial Park Improvements-Phase II, $630,000
  • Minor Hill, City Park Lighting Improvements, $243,000
  • Monteagle, Fire Protection, $294,411                    
  • Moore County, Street Improvements, $200,000
  • Mountain City, Ralph Stout Park Improvements, $630,000
  • Mt. Pleasant, Water System Improvements, $630,000
  • New Market, Community Center Rehabilitation, $337,725        
  • Polk County, Copper Basin Boys and Girls Club Development, $630,000
  • Rhea County, Multipurpose Community Outreach Center, $630,000
  • Rives, Fire Protection, $281,600
  • Roane County, Fire Service Improvements, $420,000
  • Rogersville, City Park Improvements, $630,000
  • Sequatchie County, Valley Fest Site Improvements Project-Phase II, $630,000
  • Sharon City, Park Improvements, $373,532
  • Shelbyville, Sidewalk Improvements, $550,000
  • Spencer, Water System Rehabilitation,  $630,000
  • St. Joseph, Street Improvements, $182,390
  • Tiptonville, Street Improvements, $630,000
  • Trenton, Sewer System Improvements, $630,000
  • Trezevant, Sewer System Improvements, $232,115
  • Unicoin, Street Improvements,  $630,000
  • Vonore, Park Improvements, $497,416
  • Wartrace, Sewer System Improvements, $450,000
  • Waynesboro, Street Improvements, $505,000
  • Westmoreland, Fire Service Improvements, $256,366
  • White Bluff, Pedestrian Connector Project, $300,000

Each application was supported by the community’s senator and representatives in the Tennessee General Assembly.

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