Unemployment was down across the board

Upper Cumberland – With near record setting low unemployment and jobless numbers coming out of the state, the Upper Cumberland also improved in both areas for the month of April. Clay and Van Buren counties both ranked as two of the 10 highest unemployment rates in the state.

Both counties also sit at 4.6% and 4.4% labor force participation rate (LFPR), respectfully.

April unemployment numbers

In the region, Cannon County’s unemployment was down 3% to 2.2% with a 2.26 LFPR. Cumberland County sits at 3.1% unemployment and 3.7% LFPR. DeKalb County sits at 2.9% unemployment with a 3.7% LFPR while Fentress landed at 3% unemployment and 3.8% LFPR.

Jackson County’s unemployment number was 3.2% which is down from 3.9%. while its LFPR landed at 3.9%. Macon County and Overton County finished at 2.5% and 2.7% unemployment, respectively. Macon was at 3% LFPR while Overton land at 3.7%. Pickett County sits at 2.6% unemployment and 3.7% LFPR, Putnam County sits at 2.7% unemployment and 3.3 LFPR, Smith County lands at 2.3% unemployment and 2.9% LFPR, Warren County sits at 3% unemployment and 4% LFPR while White County landed at 2.8% unemployment and 3.4% LFPR.

Photo courtesy of state of Tennessee.

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