tnAchieves mentors needed for Putnam County seniors

Dr. Sharon Anderson, 9-12 Instructional Supervisor for Putnam County School System, discovers information for mentors on the tnAchieve website.

PUTNAM COUNTY – tnAchieves is still in need of 82 volunteer mentors to support the Tennessee Promise Class of 2022 in Putnam County. 

As Putnam County students pursue a post-secondary path, many of those students need a little extra help in navigating the college-going process. tnAchieves has created the mentor program to provide that support by offering encouragement and personal guidance to students in their community through mentorship. 

“This program is essential to helping Putnam County seniors as they enter the college journey. I have served as a mentor and I can tell you that you can make a difference in the lives of students as you encourage them to persist and cheer them on,” said Sharon Anderson, 9-12 Instructional Supervisor for Putnam County School System. “You do not have to have experience in education to do this, just a willingness to listen and help students find answers to their questions. Anyone can do this, most of the training is virtual, you will meet your five students at their school and in today’s society your students will prefer to communicate via text and e-mail, so the time commitment is minimal and your impact goes on with that student.”

Mentors commit just one hour per month to provide support and encouragement to Putnam County students as they navigate the college-going process. Mentors can choose whether they prefer to mentor in-person or virtually in 2022. All tnAchieves mentors complete an hour-long virtual training and are provided with a comprehensive handbook guide to the program. One does not need experience working in education to do this.

“I have mentored for three years and have loved it. I am still in contact with a student from my first term and they are still active and successful as a student,” said Stephanie Voris, Putnam County tnAchieves mentor. “The tnAchieve team holds your hands and mentors you with important information that is easy for you to communicate to your students via text. Please consider this excellent program. The small handful of students you will have will truly appreciate and learn from you. Your guidance will carry with them as they succeed in college and beyond, and there’s really not a better feeling than being a part of that in our community!”

The deadline to apply as a mentor for a Putnam County student is Dec. 3, 2021. To apply or learn more, visit

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