TN Comptroller: Warren County employees caught working two jobs

MCMINNVILLE – A new investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller’s office has revealed employees of the Warren County EMS-Rescue Service (WCEMS) received wages totaling $23,834.40 for time worked at another entity or for time that was undocumented.

Investigators found that two employees received a total of $3,514.60 in wages from WCEMS for hours in which they were working for a separate entity not associated with Warren County government. Comptroller investigators compared time sheets for both entities and noted 256 hours that overlapped.

Additionally, 12 employees received a total of $20,319.80 in wages from WCEMS for hours that had no documentation to support the employees were at work. Investigators have made several recommendations to improve accuracy and oversight of time worked. Warren County leaders, including Herschel Wells, county executive and EMS director Brian Jennings, indicate they are now implementing a time clock system that utilizes an employee’s thumbprint at WCEMS.

The investigative report, released Tuesday morning, also outlines concerns with the calculation and documentation of vacation, sick, and compensatory leave. Additional payroll problems are also noted in the report.

All of the findings and recommendations have been reviewed with the district attorney general for the 31st Judicial District, Lisa Zavogiannis. None of the employees’ names were listed in the report.

“Many of the problems noted in this report could have been avoided with improved oversight and better recordkeeping,” Comptroller Justin P. Wilson said. “I am pleased to see the county is taking steps to shore up weaknesses and stress the importance of accurate timesheets.”



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