Taco Bell coming to Monterey

MONTEREY – Monterey Mayor Bill Wiggins announced Thursday that the town will soon be home to the newest location for Taco Bell. According to Wiggins, the popular fast food chain plans to locate on Stratton Avenue next to the Bank of Putnam County.

“Monterey is thrilled to welcome Taco Bell to our thriving town with the official confirmation that the latest addition to our business community will open a store at 500 E. Stratton Ave. in early- to mid-2019,” Wiggins said.

Known for it’s quick service and affordable Tex-Mex inspired menu items including burritos, tacos, and even its healthy menu items, Taco Bell boasts more than 7,000 restaurants worldwide and serves more than 2 billion customers annually.

“This exciting news is a big boost to the effectiveness  of our economic development plan and reinforces our efforts to keep Monterey competitive, extraordinary and on the move. Taco Bell will be a great neighbor and their unique menu will be available in no time at all.”

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