Goal is to simplify data interpretation and decision making

Cookeville – In late 2022, Cookeville attorney Kevin Christopher launched QUANTISCOPE, a program that uses AI computer vision technology to decode high content biological imaging and enhance decision making in applications such as preclinical drug discovery.

What does that mean?

The goal is to simplify data interpretation and decision making through AI driven data analysis and improve disease and drug research.

“We unlock an immense amount of data differentiation among cellular microscopic images that to expert human eyes are indistinguishable,” said Christopher in a statement. “Human recognition technology uses as little as 60 features or nodes on a face to distinguish one person from another and open many important applications in health, cybersecurity and e-commerce.”

QUANTISCOPE has now been accepted into the Altitude Lab biotech incubator in Salt Lake City. The lab invests in “a new, diverse generation of founders” because it believes “that a sustainable economy will rely on homegrown innovators who deeply believe in serving patients.”

“We are unlocking the same potential at the cellular level, using machine learning to rapidly compare thousands of nodes across cells in high content image fields to draw phenotypical models of cellular perturbations, such as efficacy and toxicity of potential drugs,” said Christopher. “Incorporating these tools into enterprise applications helps us to spread this capability globally, ultimately de-risking drug discovery and increasing the overall potential of drug development. We also believe this technology will have rapid uptake across other sectors, such as quality control for biomanufacturing.”

The company was inspired by co-founder Juan Caicedo’s research at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and recently joined the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub to optimize launch of its initial enterprise applications on the Azure platform and is working through industry pilots in 2023.

The program offers researchers plug-and-play access to simplify data interpretation and decision-making.

“We integrate AI/ML imaging analysis seamlessly into therapeutic pipelines, streamlining hit identification, enhancing optimization, extending patents and ultimately driving life-saving innovations,” said Christopher. “We’re incredibly excited about the path forward with Altitude Lab.”

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