It’s like nobody is watching, be we are fixing that – White County Sheriff Steve Page

Sparta – Recently, White County Sheriff Steve Page told News Channel 5 in Nashville that his department was enticed to go undercover to investigate complaints about a rise in illegal over-the-counter sales of vape pens, beer and CBD gummies to minors in White County. 

The department soon captured a video showing an underage teen returning to a Sparta business with “money this time” to attempt to purchase illegal products. What the store’s clerk didn’t know was that the minor was working undercover with the White County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Page told the news outlet it is “all about the money.”

“That’s why there are so many vapes in middle schools and high schools,” Page told News Channel 5.

Despite the department’s busy schedule with opioid and meth busts, Page said the undercover sting was necessary due to the overwhelming influx of reports about the illegal activity.

At no point is the teen asked for any identification. According to the report, the clerks received misdemeanor citations.

“It’s like nobody is watching, be we are fixing that,” Page told News Channel 5. “This is a wake-up call to every sheriff in Tennessee in my opinion. Watch what’s going on in your county.”

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