Spectrum to award $2,500 spectrum employee community grant to Sleep in Heavenly Peace – Cookeville

Charter Communications made a commitment to award “a minimum” of 500 nonprofit organizations with $2.5 million over the next five years through Spectrum Employee Community Grants. The pledge spreads support across the companies 41-state service area and looks to impact more than 70,000 community members through 2028.

On Wednesday, Feb. 21 at 2:30 p.m. in Cookeville, Sleep in Heavenly Peace – Cookeville (SHP) at 4100 Rolling Hills Road in Cookeville will be presented with a $2,500 Spectrum Employee Community Grant as a part of that commitment to the community.

According to a release, the grant will be used to purchase the materials used to build beds for children in foster care. The TN-Cookeville Chapter of SHP was established in July 2022. Since then, the nonprofit has led a core team and countless volunteers to build and deliver fully furnished twin beds to bedless children across the area.

The mission?  Fight what SHP calls child “bedlessness,” a “silent epidemic” in the community and see that “no kid sleeps on the floor in our town!”

“The ability of many families to provide this fundamental requirement for their children can often be complex,” according to the release. “Because sleep is such a fundamental part of a child’s life, providing bedless children with a bed of their own is a rudimentary part of that child being able to begin good sleep practices and empowers them to thrive.

Cookeville Mayor Laurin Wheaton, Trevor Larsen, Chapter Vice President, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Patti Michel, Sr. Director, Regional Communications at Spectrum, Joshua Palmer, Spectrum Business, Brandon Keith, Spectrum Business and Nick Pavlis, Consultant, Spectrum will all be on hand.

According to the release, Sleep in Heavenly Peace –build barn is located on private property.

“Once you get to the location, drive past the barn, another building and the build barn is next. It has a red roof,” according to the release.

Spectrum Employee Community Grants support nonprofits nominated by employees with a personal connection to the organization through at least one year of their own volunteer work, according to the release. Recipients deliver a range of critical social services to underserved community members, including food pantries, homeless shelters, clothing distribution, job training for veterans and paying overdue rent and utility bills for those in crisis.

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