Tennessee had 5,900 lake home and lot listings worth $2,234,271,820

Hoover, Ala. – With colder weather and holiday planning, the winter season is typically slower for lake real estate. This winter appears to be a bit busier than last winter. A new lake real estate report has been released showing the number of lake home and lot listings on LakeHomes.com in winter 2022/23 are up 7.71% over the same report last winter.   

The new Winter 2022-23 Lake Real Estate Market Report from Lake Homes Realty revealed 78,921 lake homes and lots were listed for sale totaling $39.576 billion. This amount was determined by data collected on November 15, 2022 from 30 of the 34 states covered by Lake Homes Realty. The quarterly report is generated by Lake Homes Realty, the nation’s largest lake-focused real estate brokerage, and pulls data from more than 140 MLS areas. For a complete listing of available homes and lots, visit www.lakehomes.com.   

“Most real estate brokerages serve the masses and many of their markets are under duress, particularly due to low home inventory and higher mortgage rates impacting primary residence home buyers,” said Glenn S. Phillips, CEO and Leading Economic Analyst for Lake Homes Realty. “Here’s the surprise: lake real estate markets, for the most part, work very differently and, at least in the near term, will benefit from a modest recession,” said Phillips. 

Lake home and lots listings fluctuate by season. Here are the total listings of lake homes and lots from the past five lake real estate market reports:  Winter 2022/23 – 78,921; Fall 2022 – 87,073; Summer 2022 – 74,115; Spring 2022 – 59,849; and Winter 2021 – 73,265. 

Among the states highlighted in the Winter 2022-23 report, Iowa was the smallest with 110 lake home and lot listings statewide for a total of $83 million. In contrast, Texas was the largest with 12,897 lake home and lot listings totaling right under $7 billion. 

Tennessee had 5,900 lake home and lot listings worth $2,234,271,820.

Thirteen states currently have more than $1 billion in lake home and lot listings for sale: 

  • Texas – $6,999,452,513 for 12,897 listings
  • Florida – $4,494,925,961 for 8,759 listings
  • Washington – $3,695,982,682 for 3,685 listings
  • North Carolina – $2,423,034,005 for 4,905 listings
  • Tennessee – $2,234,271,820 for 5,900 listings
  • Minnesota – $2,211,262,109 for 4,216 listings
  • Michigan – $2,056,420,805 for 3,629 listings
  • Georgia – $1,994,595,812 for 4,254 listings
  • Illinois – $1,448,836,307 for 2,397 listings
  • South Carolina – $1,374,796,994 for 3,302 listings
  • Alabama – $1,232,440,809 for 3,301 listings
  • Missouri – $1,022,451451,744 for 3,421 listings
  • New York – $1,011,932,487 for 1,679 listings

Image by wirestock on Freepik.

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