Renovations ongoing at Putnam Co. courthouse

PUTNAM COUNTY – A series of maintenance items and repairs are underway at the Putnam County courthouse.

Maintenance items planned for the 118-year-old building, which serves as the historical center of the county, include the application of a weatherproofing sealant and fresh paint.

“My goal is to always keep it looking as nice as possible,” Putnam County Executive Randy Porter.

The county-budgeted work includes repairs to the 55-year-old large white columns at each entrance; including all of the trim and woodwork on the outside of the building. An epoxy sealant will be applied to all of the woodwork in order to weatherproof it. Then, the columns will receive a fresh coat of paint.

“This work should take about two weeks if the weather cooperates,” Porter said.

The building’s windows were replaced in 2017 and the inside of the building was renovated in 2015 with new flooring, paint, and other finishes. The final renovations and repairs will consist of replacing the roof along the heating and cooling system. Those projects are slated for the upcoming fiscal year’s budget.

“This should have the historical building in great shape for several years to come,” Porter said of the work. “The Courthouse square plays a key part in in our economic development and tourism. Most businesses looking to locate in our County visit the Courthouse and downtown area to see how well it is maintained. This is a key selling point for our community and we want it to stay looking great.”

The bid for the current repair work came in at $48,000.

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