Putnam Schools 2020-21 Spring TCAP results above state average in 24 areas

PUTNAM COUNTY – The Putnam County School System’s 2020-21 spring Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) student results are now available. These results include exams in English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, science, and social studies for grades 3 through high school. Students will receive a paper report from their school this week. 

“We are pleased that the hard work and dedication of our faculty and students has resulted in test scores that are above the Tennessee State average in many areas. Overall, Putnam County is above the state average in 24 of 30 areas tested. Like other Tennessee districts, we did have a decline in most of our academic scores due to the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic but our students continued to outpace state performance levels. Our State showed results of a 5% decrease since 2019, which is the last time students took Tennessee standardized tests under TCAP,” said Corby King, Director of Schools for Putnam County. “I am also proud that we achieved a 97% participation rate in TCAP testing when the state required at least 80% in light of the pandemic.” 

Putnam County School System teachers and administrators are committed to addressing the COVID-19 learning loss and to continue academic growth for the students in Putnam County. Beginning this past summer, Summer Learning Camps were launched for students in grades K-8th to help address learning loss. Putnam County School System administrators continue to review the data from last year as it is being received from the state. Working together, administrators, teachers, and community stakeholders are in the process of implementing intervention plans that will help address learning loss gaps as well as improve social, emotional and academic learning. 

“We have amazing teachers who will continue to provide the best education in middle Tennessee for the students of Putnam County,” said King. “We recognize that we have work to do in attaining our goals in terms of student achievement. However, in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, PCSS teachers, staff, and administrators have continued to provide in-person learning, meals, transportation, social, and emotional support for students in Putnam County. I want to thank our teachers, staff, students, families, and administrators for working tirelessly this past school year. Because of their efforts, they have provided opportunities for our students to continue to outperform their peers across the state.”

TCAP Family Portal 

The state has also implemented a TCAP Family Portal that is now available for families of students who participated in the spring 2021 TCAP. Families can register for the portal at familyreport.tnedu.gov with their student’s state ID number, also referred to as a USID. Student state ID numbers are located on individual student score reports that are being sent home with students within the next week. The USID is a seven-digit number. It will ask for a nine-digit number. When it does, add two zeros in front of the USID number. The resulting nine-digit number will enable you to create an account for your student.More information about the TCAP Family portal can be found by visiting www.pcsstn.com/tcapportal

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