Of 407 permits, 233 were for new single family residential homes

Putnam County – Putnam County saw 407 new building permits worth over $90M in new construction during 2022. That is a record, according to Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter. In 2021, in contrast, the county issued 388 permits for only $70M in construction.

Of the 407 permits, 233 were for new single-family residential homes.

“December 2022 was a very weak month for permits, but December normally is,” said Porter in a statement. “We only had 11 permits for $1.2M with 4 of those being for new single-family residential homes.”

Porter says, in the past, December was a big month for new permits.

“The past two Decembers (2020 and 2021) were big months, but a lot of that had to do with the rebuilding from the tornado, in my opinion,” said Porter.

In March of 2020 an EF4 tornado caused extensive damage to the Charleston Square, Plunk Whitson Road, Echo Valley, Prosperity Point, North McBroom Chapel and Double Springs Utility District areas.

“If you look back to 2019, it was very close to what 2022 was. Too early to tell if this is a new trend starting or just the very bad weather we had and the holidays. January and February should enlighten us on any new possible trends.” 

The numbers represent only the county and not the four cities within its border.

Here are the totals for the past 4 years:

PermitsTotal AmountPermitsTotal AmountPermitsTotal AmountPermitsTotal Amount

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