Putnam County Schools announce administrative faculty changes

PUTNAM COUNTY – The Putnam County School System is announcing new administrative faculty assignments for the 2021-2022 school year.

“As we prepare for the next school year, staff moving positions or taking on new roles is common,” said Corby King, director of schools for Putnam County. “Typically, we would see these moves happen in the summer, but with the federal requirements of the ESSER funds coming to our district, we need to move forward now to best utilize and track these funds. Changes in leadership assignments often create a domino effect within the district. It is critical that we have the right people in place to lead our schools and programs. Our district is fortunate to have outstanding teachers and administrators that have huge hearts for students. These moves reinforce our focus on student-learning and achievement.” 

Here are the staff moves for the 2021-2022 school year: 

Jason Stickler, current district RTI coordinator, will be transitioning to the new ESSER coordinator position required to manage and oversee utilization of federal ESSER funds. 

Melanie Bussell, current student services supervisor, will be transitioning to RTI supervisor at the Central Office. 

Trey Upchurch, current Prescott South Middle School principal, will be transitioning to student services supervisor. 

Tera Brooks, current Northeast Elementary assistant principal, will be transitioning to Prescott South Middle School principal. 

Thomas Fuhrman, current Jere Whitson Elementary School principal, will be transitioning to Cookeville High School as an English teacher. 

Tina Francis-Hodges, current Jere Whitson Elementary School assistant principal, will be transitioning to principal at Jere Whitson Elementary. 

The Upperman Middle School principal position is still in the interview process and will be announced soon.

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