Presley makes $1 million offer for JRMC

Presley plans to bring improved healthcare options to Fentress County 

By Michelle Price
Special to the UCBJ

CELINA – Johnny Presley, owner of Rural Hospital & Clinics of America, LLC, has announced that he has made a formal offer of $1 million to buy Jamestown Regional Medical Center (JRMC)

Presley made the announcement while in Celina at a celebration of his purchase of the Cumberland River Hospital. He mentioned that Michael Alexander, administrator of JRMC, was in attendance, but that Fentress County Mayor Jimmy Johnson was unable to attend the ceremony due to conflicts.

“I am working with them to try to expedite something up there also,” said Presley. “I’ve made a formal offer to them to purchase the Fentress County hospital and try to get that facility up and going.”

In addition to the newly purchased hospital in Celina, Presley currently owns and operates several clinics including an acute care clinic in Crossville. Last year he purchased the clinics of Doug Smith, who had passed away, giving him clinics in Clarkrange and Jamestown.

“I’ve got seven providers in that county (Fentress), and right now we’re shuttling them (patients) down to Livingston or Cookeville or wherever they can go,” explained Presley. “The more critical stuff that has to be taken care of goes to Cookeville.”

Presley detailed his plans in the event that his purchase offer is not accepted.

“I’m going to apply for a CON (certificate of need) for outpatient diagnostic ER, as well as an outpatient diagnostic facility and surgery center in Fentress County, so we can take care of those patients up there,” said Presley. “If we can’t get that hospital opened, we can provide some services without the patients having to leave the county. And at least where we can stabilize some.”

Presley is certain that with the physicians who have committed to work with him, he can provide the healthcare that the people in Fentress County deserve.

“We have Dr. Clark who has taught the ER residency program for 20 years at the University of Tennessee,” Presley added. “He’s a great leader and, so as far as having him and Dr. Chad Conatser and several other providers, we feel like we can service that area and this area as well with all of our providers.”   

Michelle Price is the former managing editor of the Upper Cumberland Business Journal and can be reached via email. Send an email.

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