Lafayette looking to lure high tech

LAFAYETTE – A new Macon County strip shopping center – one that now offers some of the fastest Internet speeds in the Southeast – recently celebrated the completion of its first phase of construction.

Built to lure tech companies and boost the local economy, The Maple Hill Center of Lafayette offers 100 MG in/out fiberoptic Internet speeds. To boot, the farm-to-table concept took a commercial turn as Carter Homes & Real Estate’s William Carter strategically built the structure using contractors that reside within 10 miles of the site, including general contractor Chris Crowder of Crowder Construction.

Phase one of the three-phase project officially opened for operation in June on 7.5 acres in the city’s busiest retail area on Highway 52 in Lafayette. The first phase offers five spaces for office and/or retail, ranging from 1,000 square feet to 2,400 square feet in size. 

The center is the first of its kind in Lafayette in more than 12 years, officials said, and is the first brick center. It is the first of its kind to use all local contractors since the 1980s.

More than 65 local residents were involved in the project. Beside Crowder, the full list of contractors include: The Concrete Company, owner Andrea Crowder; Miller Framing Co., owner David Miller; Bransford Electrical and Mechanical Services Inc., owner Phillip Bransford; Mendoza Masonry Contractor, owner Diego Mendoza; Macon Glass Service, owner Stephen Moss; Freeman and Sons Drywall Inc., owners Randy and Billy Freeman; Sandifer Construction LLC, owner Chuck Sandifer; McDonald Trucking, owner Kelly McDonald; Howard Excavating Service, owner Greg Howard; and Macon Tool and Dye, manager David Sullivan.

North Central Telephone Cooperative, a phone, Internet, security system and TV provider in Macon County and surrounding areas, provided the building with Internet capabilities of 100 MG in/100 MG out – considered the fastest in the Southeast.

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