Bakery launches newest mascot “Cookie Girl” in support of a year where every month they support a different charity with a different dessert

Cookeville – Jamie’s Eats and Sweets (JES) plans big things for 2023. It will be their “year of giving” where each month a dessert and a charity (local or global) will be highlighted.

What is better than coffee cake? Coffee Cake and partnering with “Partners 4 Africa” to help build wells, schools and churches while spreading the gospel in Southern Africa, primarily Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland.

That is on the menu for January in the “year of giving”, according to Jamie’s Eats and Sweets Owner Jamie Lankford.

“I personally have been on two campaigns with them,” said Jamie Lankford, owner of Jamie’s Eats and Sweets. “One to Lesotho and one to Swaziland. They do great work and have changed countless lives over the years.”

In February, the offering will be Chocolate Triple Mousse Cake and Genesis House of Cookeville.

“We gave to different organizations and charities last year,” said Lankford, “but this year we wanted to get more of the community involved. So we are letting people know, and giving them a chance to donate in-store.”

Jamies Eats and Sweets is located at 50 W Broad St, Cookeville.

“We even launched the face of our fundraising campaign,” said Lankford.

Face of fundraising – Cookie girl is designed by Allison Currie or @paperwhitecurio.

The face is named Cookie Girl, and it is named after Lankford.

“I got the nickname in college after people found out I would bake cookies for their fundraisers,” said Lankford. “I would frequently be found baking in one of the dorm kitchens, and that’s eventually how people came to know me. So I thought Cookie Girl would be a fitting name for the character at the face of our fundraising.”

For more information call (270) 498-1454 or visit JES on social media HERE.

Photos courtesy of Jamie’s Eats and Sweets.

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