The company believes innovation and growth will move at an even faster pace after the partnership

Jackson Kayak (JK) and Werner Paddles (WP) have partnered. Well, it isn’t just a partnership, according to the Sparta-based Kayak company, it is an acquisition.

“The exciting part is that this isn’t just a partnership between two legacy brands but an acquisition on behalf of Jackson Kayak,” according to marketing director and Part Owner Emily Jackson. “While Jackson Kayak has been looking for an opportunity to help fill some of the additional space in our factory, and Werner has been needing to get out of the PNW due to rising costs, this acquisition truly allows both brands to thrive.” 

Bruce Furre, WP owner, and Tony Lunt, co-founder, and majority owner, of JK “solidified” business values with a reinforced dedication the shared dedication to paddling, and employee and community support. Most importantly, the company wants to deliver quality products. 

What makes a partnership work?

“The synergy between the two companies is probably one of the first things we noticed. Werner and Jackson Kayak are both focused on innovation, quality and American jobs,” said Jackson. 

JK wants growth.

“Our initial goals are to bring in local jobs, continue to innovate and expand Sparta Plastics– our contract business and ensure both Jackson Kayak and Werner grow in their respected lanes,” said Jackson. 

The company believes innovation and growth will move at an even faster pace after the partnership.

“We look forward to innovating at an even faster pace thanks to joining forces with the great minds at Werner,” according to Jackson.

With the acquisition, the WP Monroe location will be closing. Paddle production will move to the Jackson location in Sparta, but the companies’ Sales and Marketing teams will continue to operate independently.

 “We are offering each employee the chance to transition to our Tennessee facility with sign-on bonuses,” according to JK. 

In the end, it is all about community.

“Thank you to the Upper Cumberland community! The support of Jackson Kayak has allowed us to continue to grow and make this game-changing acquisition, which in return will bring in more jobs and opportunities to the area,” said Jackson.

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