Epic Technologies unveils new name

Leader in Cloud Technology Solutions Prepares for Future with New Identity

COOKEVILLE – Epic Technologies, the region’s leading IT services company, announced today that the company will change its name to EpiOn IT effective Nov. 1. The new name, EpiOn IT, honors the firm’s past while also embracing their rapid growth as a provider of cloud computing solutions and highly responsive technical support.

Since 1997, EpiOn IT has served clients across Tennessee and wants to assure its customers that they will continue to provide the same great service, driven by the same core values that have guided the firm for decades.

“Any time you change your name, there are likely to be questions,” Don Viar, CEO of EpiOn IT said. “I can assure everyone that this is only a name change. Our leadership, our staff, and our solutions remain 100 percent unchanged. In fact, the company is adding staff and new technology as it continues its streak of 25 percent compounded growth year over year.”

Many businesses are enjoying a cycle of growth, yet find themselves hamstrung by workforce availability or productivity issues. That’s why EpiOn IT’s core purpose revolves around the concept of “empowering people to achieve more through technology.”

The new name hints at both the “always on” nature of their solutions and the “on it” responsiveness of their technical support. That reliability and responsive support translates directly into improved productivity for the firm’s clients.

The future of business IT is “cloudy” as companies increasingly turn to the flexibility and reliability of hosted solutions in lieu of capital investments in their own technology. EpiOn IT recognized that trend years ago and built its own cloud hosting facilities right here in Tennessee.

Today, businesses across the region (and even across the U.S. and Mexico) are running on the firm’s locally hosted cloud solutions for servers, data storage, desktops and phones. It is this strategic shift and investment that is driving EpiOn IT’s growth and creating opportunities for area businesses to leverage enterprise-quality technology for a fraction of the cost of ownership.

EpiOn IT’s team of friendly experts function as the outsourced IT department for many small companies and supplements the in-house staff of many larger organizations.

“We answer our phones here in Cookeville in about 10 seconds and, for our contract customers, close about 85 percent of their service requests within the same business day – many times in less than 15 minutes,” said Viar. “We understand the importance of quickly answering your staff’s questions or solving their problems so that they can get back to work on your core mission.”

EpiOn IT’s focus on responsive support and reliable cloud technologies combine to create a worry-free technology environment for its clients. The firm is presently accepting both clients and applications for employment. To learn more, visit their website at www.EpiOn.IT.


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