Company will invest $25 million

Nashville – Duracell manufacturing will invest $25 million to expand its existing battery component manufacturing operations in Cleveland, Tennessee. Duracell will create 25 new jobs because of the project. The expansion will support Duracell’s LaGrange, Georgia, site by providing strategic battery components supply and allowing the company to meet and exceed its growing North American battery demand.

The Cleveland plant opened in 1961 and has been producing batteries under the Duracell brand name since 1964. Duracell’s $25 million investment in Tennessee represents the company’s continued focus on providing the highest quality alkaline batteries. 

“The Duracell Company continues to value and invest in its Cleveland, Tennessee, manufacturing site, which has shipped C&D batteries all over the world for decades. With this investment, the site adds a new important role of supporting our greater North American supply chain. We are excited to invest in and leverage the skill sets of our current and new Duracell team members,” said Stefaan Boterberg, President, Duracell Manufacturing, LLC. 

Image by Freepik.

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