Pictured above – Jordan Diaz Lopez, interpreter, is the latest recipient of the CRMC Sunshine Award

“He has helped us many times when no one else would or could.” – Nominator.

Cookeville Regional Medical Center wants to Congratulate another CRMC Sunshine Award winner, Interpreter Jordan Diaz Lopez.

“His nominations reiterated his positive attitude and attentiveness to improving the visitor and patient experience,” according to CRMC.

Diaz’s nomination said, “I am writing this for my family, who cannot. We have had several stays here, including one long one. This employee has been an advocate for her when she couldn’t be. I am sure he goes above and beyond what his job requires. He could simply do his job and leave, but he advocates for his patients and always ensures my family is heard, understands, and has the needed information. He always makes sure all our questions are answered, even if this requires him to track down the doctor or staff to get those answers. He has helped us many times when no one else would or could. It has been our experience that he doesn’t wait for us to need him or for the nurses to call him. He always comes back to follow up or check on us. You can tell he truly cares for the patient.”

The nominator continued.

Every time you see him, he is smiling and welcoming. He has been a comforting person and a familiar face for my family multiple times and always goes above and beyond to show he truly cares. It feels more like he is a family friend than an employee of the hospital. He has made her coming to the hospital a much better experience, not for just doing his job but for how he goes the extra mile.”

The Sunshine Award was created by the CRMC Patient Experience Team as a way to honor ancillary and support staff who commit to striving for excellence in their roles, consistently deliver exceptional care or service, uphold the highest standards, and collaborate with other staff to enhance the experience of CRMC patients, family members and guests.

Photo courtesy of CRMC.

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