Davis is one of the more than 1,400 active Averitt associates who are members of the company’s “Over 20 Team,”

Cookeville – Mark Davis has dedicated 45 years of his life to Averitt Express, and the trucking giant recently honored its Vice President of Pricing & Traffic for his dedication and commitment.

Davis, who lives in Cookeville, is a member of the company’s “Over 20 Team,” a group of associates who have served 20 or more years with Averitt. According to Averitt, there are over 1400 members of that exclusive club.

“Davis is an outstanding example of our culture of promoting from within,” said Averitt in a statement. “He began his Averitt career as a part-time biller in Knoxville … Thank you, Mark, for your dedication to the Averitt team.”

Averitt’s Cookeville-area facility is located at 1199 Salem Road, and its corporate headquarters is located at 1415 Neal Street. For more information visit HERE.

Photo courtesy of Averitt.

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