Pictured above – Grant Holman, R.N., the latest DAISY Award winner

Nurses can be nominated by anyone who experience extraordinary compassion

Cookeville – Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) nurse Grant Holman, R.N., is the latest recipient of CRMC’s DAISY Award.

Nurses can be nominated by anyone (patients, family members, other nurses, physicians, other clinicians and staff) who experience or observe extraordinary compassionate care being provided by a nurse.

 “I had to have open heart surgery, two bypasses, a Cox Maze and pacemaker. I was terrified going into the surgery and really worried about the recovery,” said Holman’s first nomination. “While all the nurses in the CVICU are top notch, Grant stood out to me from the minute he came in my room and introduced himself. He was my nurse several shifts while I was in the CVICU and each time I realized he was assigned to me, I felt a sense of calm. He is just a genuinely kindred person and made me feel like he had gone to school to be a nurse just so that he could take care of me during my stay.”

Holman’s second nominator said he made them feel at ease.

“Grant was the nurse on duty the second day my husband was in the CVICU,” the nominator said. “I walked in just as he and another nurse intubated him. He could see both my husband and I were concerned, and my husband was frightened not knowing where he was and why. He calmed my husband down and was incredibly patient answering the same questions over and over again until he was calmed down. He also made me feel very welcome and told me to make myself comfortable. He asked me throughout the shift if I had questions. He was also available for me to go to. When my husband was transferred to the medical ICU, he came along with us to assist him on getting settled. He was such a blessing at such a scary time.”

Photo courtesy of CRMC.

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