CRMC announces temporary closures, staffing changes

COOKEVILLE – A dramatic increase in the number of COVID patients has Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC) making temporary changes in services.

Effective Wednesday, Sept. 1, the Cardiac Rehab center and the Sleep Center will be temporarily closed and elective surgical procedures that require an overnight stay will continue to be suspended to allow the re-allocation of staff to other areas of the hospital to assist in staffing shortages.

Urgent and emergent surgical cases will remain open at this time.

CRMC has announced a critical action plan that includes daily evaluations of all non-emergent service lines, staffing levels and operations. The medical center is working to keep as many services open as possible during this surge but will be reviewing all service lines.

CRMC continues to encourage everyone to receive the COVID vaccination. A majority of the patients coming in to seek treatment and that are being admitted are not vaccinated. 

CRMC CEO Paul Korth encouraged, “Please get vaccinated. It does work.”

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