COVID-19: Progress across the UC, state

UPPER CUMBERLAND – UCBJ is closely following the spread of COID-19 and has compiled a chart showing the growth of the virus throughout the Upper Cumberland and the state as of April 3.

PositiveNegativeTotal testedPercent positiveDeaths
Anderson County101801905.3%
Bedford County61191254.8%
Benton County438429.5%
Bledsoe County222248.3%
Blount County3316920216.3%
Bradley County211912129.9%
Campbell County473775.2%
Cannon County464685.9%
Carroll County61051115.4%
Carter County369724.2%
Cheatham County112172284.8%
Chester County553588.6%
Claiborne County245474.3%
Clay County147482.1%
Cocke County157581.7%
Coffee County31671701.8%
Crockett County032320.0%
Cumberland County223473696.0%
Davidson County6855,113579811.8%6
Decatur County039390.0%
Dekalb County585905.6%
Dickson County2115817911.7%
Dyer County590955.3%
Fayette County171551729.9%
Fentress County154551.8%
Franklin County1210611810.2%1
Gibson County71501574.5%
Giles County380833.6%
Grainger County344476.4%
Greene County168910515.2%1
Grundy County11374822.9%
Hamblen County395983.1%
Hamilton County677187858.5%3
Hancock County0770.0%
Hardeman County558637.9%
Hardin County21201221.6%
Hawkins County8728010.0%1
Haywood County245474.3%
Henderson County090900.0%
Henry County489934.3%
Hickman County173741.4%
Houston County183841.2%
Humphreys County347506.0%
Jackson County342456.7%
Jefferson County6991055.7%
Johnson County2101216.7%
Knox County9896610649.2%1
Lake County016160.0%
Lauderdale County245474.3%
Lawrence County31401432.1%
Lewis County221238.7%
Lincoln County455596.8%
Loudon County121341468.2%
Macon County71451524.6%
Madison County172272447.0%
Marion County14516521.5%1
Marshall County41261303.1%
Maury County204424624.3%
McMinn County31761791.7%
McNairy County367704.3%
Meigs County245474.3%
Monroe County51071124.5%
Montgomery County415846256.6%
Moore County016160.0%
Morgan County235375.4%
Obion County275772.6%1
Overton County21011031.9%
Perry County226287.1%
Pickett County013130.0%
Polk County221238.7%
Putnam County5034939912.5%
Rhea County01001000.0%
Roane County31471502.0%
Robertson County5135640712.5%
Rutherford County1271,17713049.7%3
Scott County360634.8%
Sequatchie County227296.9%
Sevier County132592724.8%
Shelby County6402,951359117.8%6
Smith County3971003.0%
Stewart County048480.0%
Sullivan County181882068.7%1
Sumner County283982126522.4%8
Tipton County2820423212.1%
Trousdale County7354216.7%1
Unicoi County130313.2%
Union County130313.2%
Van Buren County021210.0%
Warren County11121130.9%
Washington County203003206.3%
Wayne County234365.6%
Weakley County172731.4%
White County21021041.9%
Williamson County2211,568178912.4%2
Wilson County718068778.1%
Out of state1875,45856453.3%1

Michelle Price is the former managing editor of the Upper Cumberland Business Journal and can be reached via email. Send an email.

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