Cookeville city manager completes CMFO program

COOKEVILLE – Cookeville City Manager James Mills has completed the training for and earned the Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO) designation. 

The CMFO program was established through the 2007 Municipal Finance Officer Certification and Education Act. This Act consists of two main provisions; establishment of the CMFO program and establishment of minimum qualifications for the chief financial officer for each municipality to “ensure competence in the handling of municipal funds and the protection of public monies”. The Comptroller of the Treasury and the Municipal Technical Assistance Service developed the components of the program. Candidates must successfully complete a year-long series of ten courses relative to various municipal financial management topics. Currently there are less than 400 officially certified municipal finance officers in the state.

Mills has served in his current role of city manager since July 1, 2019. He previously served as the director of the planning department, being the first appointed director to that position within the city in 1998. His extensive background in planning and local government spans over 23 years of public service, including prior employment with the State of Tennessee Economic and Community Development Department as a principal planner. Mills holds a Master of Science in planning (ABT) from the University of Tennessee. In addition to the CMFO certification, he also completed certification from the American Institute of City Planners.

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