Commercial real estate’s biggest transactions of 2020

By Michelle Price
Special to the UCBJ

COOKEVILLE – While COVID-19 slowed down many things in 2020, real estate was still a hot commodity. Join us in a four-part series, as we explore the biggest real estate transactions in commercial, residential rental, agricultural/development and residential properties in Putnam County.  

Part 1 of 4: Top real estate transactions of 2020

10.       1238 Bunker Hill Rd., Cookeville 38506       
            Purchase price: $825,000
            Seller: Satellite M D LLC
            Buyer: Twin Lakes Communications Inc
9.         695 Buffalo Valley Rd., Cookeville 38501
            Purchase price: $1,000,000
            Seller: Carriage Funeral Holdings Inc
            Buyer: FACS Partnership DBA Signature Funeral Services
8.         1519 E. Spring St., Cookeville 38506
            Purchase price: $1,100,000
            Seller: Paul Gaw GP
            Buyer: G and C Properties, Seth Gilbert, Chad Crouch
7.         444 S. Jefferson Ave., Cookeville 38501
            Purchase price: $1,430,000
            Seller: Stephen L. Stephens, Linda J Stephens
            Buyer: G and C Properties, Seth Gilbert, Chad Crouch 
6.         87 S. Willow Ave., Cookeville 38501
            Purchase price: $1,800,000
            Seller: Tommy C. Fitzgerald
            Buyer: AR Properties
 5.        1750 Salem Rd., Cookeville 38506
            Purchase price: $2,000,000
            Seller: Hall Investments LP
            Buyer: 111 Travel Center LLC
4.         1950 N. Willow Ave., Cookeville 38501
            Purchase price: $2,600,000
            Seller: Donnie Elkins
            Buyer: Rogers Group Inc.
3.         1976 Chocolate Dr, Cookeville 38501
            Purchase price: $3,720,000
            Seller: Russell Stover Chocolates LLC
            Buyer: Plateau Property Partners LLC
2.         1375 Interstate Dr., Cookeville 38501
            Purchase price: $4,408,668
            Seller: Greer Land Co Restaurants LLC
            Buyer: CH Cookeville TN Landlord LLC
1.         2001 Genco Dr, Cookeville 38506
            Purchase price: $8,250,000
       Seller: Gentry Real Estate LLC
       Buyer: Genco Stamping and Manufacturing

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