CHC Mechanical records three years accident-free

COOKEVILLE – Every industry has its own risks and challenges. HVAC construction is no different, so it’s quite a feat to log three consecutive years without suffering a lost-time accident. And that’s exactly what CHC Mechanical Contractors was recognized for recently.

“Maintaining a safe work environment is more than just checking boxes and following rules,” said Garry Floeter, president of CHC Mechanical Contractors. “It’s about adopting a culture of safety, and that’s something we’ve done for nearly 50 years. Not only does avoiding lost-time accidents improve efficiency and reduce costs for our clients, it also ensures our folks continue to grow as professionals while earning a living to support their families.”

A lost time accident is an OSHA recordable incident in which an employee is not able to return to work or is assigned restricted work on the day or shift following the incident.

While there is some wiggle room for an even better safety record, CHC has set a high standard for itself. One method for gauging both past injury history and future chances of risk is the Experience Modification Rate.

According to statistics from TIS Insurance Services, the firm that provides insurance coverage for CHC, a low number means a generally safe work environment.

The average EMR for commercial mechanical and plumbing contractors in Tennessee is 1.0. CHC currently stands at a 0.7

“I work with about 200 contractors of all sizes, and I can say with confidence that CHC sets the bar for safety,” said Stuart Oakes, vice president of TIS Insurance’s construction division. “TIS works with many of the safest contractors, and our clients’ average EMR is 0.91. In fact, the lowest EMR CHC could possibly have is 0.67.”

To honor the event, CHC Mechanical Contractors employees were treated to a special lunch. Oakes was on hand to personally congratulate the team for their achievements and reward them with a plaque to commemorate three years of safety.

“We’re committed to continuous improvement, and that includes safety,” added Floeter. “I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, but I know we still have work to do to become even better and safer.”

CHC Mechanical Contractors has been providing mechanical construction, plumbing and related support services for commercial, industrial and institutional projects to the Upper Cumberland and Middle Tennessee since 1969. For more information, visit or call (931) 528-5514.

In honor of the achievement, CHC employees were treated to a special lunch. Stuart Oakes of TIS Insurance Services was on hand to personally congratulate the team for their achievements and present them with a plaque to commemorate three years of safety.

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