Threats were made against the proposed location and staff – Cedar Recovery

Livingston –Cedar Recovery, who recently held a town hall in Rickman to discuss the possibility of a treatment center in the area, has decided not to open the center.

Chief Strategy officer for Cedar Recovery, Paul Trivette, sent a letter to Overton County Executive Steven Barlow announcing the decision. In the statement Barlow cited, “unprecedented, unprofessional and arguably, inhumane” treatment and “thtreats and extreme anger displayed…” directed at his team during the town hall as reasons for the sudden pivot.

The CSO is concerned for the safety of patients and staff, according to the letter.

“Cedar Recovery applied for a Certificate of Need (CON) to establish an opioid Treatment Program in Overton County,” said Cedar Recovery in a statement. “At the town hall on Oct. 3, we faced community opposition and safety concerns. Threats were made against the proposed location and staff. Such behavior underscored the high safety risk that our patients, staff and property could potentially face, along with a hostile atmosphere within the community. After thorough deliberation, considering the attitudes, behavior, and dissent expressed during the Tuesday evening meeting, Cedar Recovery has decided to withdraw its application.”

At the meeting (and on social media), which lasted more than an hour longer than was planned, many citizens let their disapproval known, including prolonged stay and the use of methadone as treatment among others, and Cedar Recovery has officially withdrawn its certificate of need with the state’s Health Facilities Commission.

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