Campaign 2014: Races to watch in the Upper Cumberland

UPPER CUMBERLAND – Fourteen counties. Dozens of races. More than 500 candidates. The Upper Cumberland will certainly be a hotbed of political activity this year, and, it seems, most every race will be contested. While more will surely enter the fold between now and the petition deadline day, we’ve tried to hit the highlights – and must watches – with this list.


County Mayor

Charles Wallace Maxwell

Dale Reagan

General Sessions Judge

Diana Faye Monroe

James D. White

Cumberland County

County Mayor

Kenneth B. Carey

Robert D. Scarlett

Ligue M. Wisdom


Casey D. Cox

Henry D. Harley

Terry W. White

Fentress County

Register of Deeds

Rita Kay Murphy

Patricia L. Slaven

Cynthia C. Smith

Crystal L. Tompkins


Anthony Choate

Charles (Chucky) Cravens

Max Alan Goodpaster II

Tommy L. Rosencrants

Steve A. Taylor

Jackson County

County Mayor

John Cason

Bobby Kinnaird


Barry Hammock

Kristi Ellis

Anthony Flatt

Mickey Sircy

Elizabeth Crossman

Matt Neal

Overton County

County Executive

Ron Cyrus

Robert Wayne Sells

Ben Danner

Mark Peek

County Clerk

Tammie Cyphers

Karen Daniels

Kim Feaster

Cody R. Gore

Doug Looper

Victoria Looper

Dwain K. Maynord

Scott McCormick

Derek McDonald

Putnam County

Cookeville City Council

Connie Albrecht

Jim Woodford

Ricky Shelton

Boyd G. Kline

Charles Womack

Adam D. Moran

Anna Ruth Burroughs


Eddie Farris

Jimmy Patterson

Brian K. Maxwell

County Clerk

Keith Marie Farley

Nancy Ellen Bryant

Wayne Nabors

John Garland

Western Harvey R. McNeal

Smith County

County Mayor

Jerry Ray Mabery

Michael F. Nesbitt

White County

County Executive

Denny Wayne Robinson

Herd Sullivan

Terry Lee Whitson

13th Judicial District

Criminal Court Judge, part 1

Will Roberson

Gary McKenzie

Wesley Bray

District Attorney General

Tony Craighead

Bryant Dunaway

Shawn Fry

General Sessions Judge, part 1

Nolan Goolsby

Steve Qualls

Public Defender

Craig Fickling

John Milton Meadows

David N. Brady

15th District Tennessee Senate

Paul Bailey

Matt Swallows

43rd District Tennessee House of Representatives

Edward Leon Buck

Robert F. Dunham

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