Funding includes the annual TDOT work program budget

Cumberland County – Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville) today announced $123 million for local infrastructure projects in Cumberland County as part of the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) 10-Year Project Plan.

Unveiled by TDOT this week, the 10-Year Project Plan provides a roadmap for $15 billion in state and federal funding over the next decade to address transportation needs and ease congestion. Funding includes the annual TDOT work program budget of approximately $1.2 billion over 10 years and a $3 billion appropriation from the state’s general fund provided through the Transportation Modernization Act.

Fifty-five percent of the $15 billion in total funding is identified for construction projects reflected on the 10-year project plan list, with the remaining 45% budgeted for programs TDOT allocates annually based on need.

“This historic funding allocation and planning to support Cumberland County will help ease congestion and improve safety on area roads,” said Speaker Sexton. “I appreciate Gov. Lee, TDOT, and our House members for their committed partnership, and we will continue working together to address immediate, emerging, and long-term transportation and infrastructure needs within our community.”

Projects and funding amounts in Cumberland County included as part of the 10-Year Project Plan are:

1.  SR 28 Widening (Section I) – $61.7 million

2.  SR 28 Widening (Section II) – $46 million

3.  SR 299 Turn Lanes (Flat Rock) – $15.5 million

Passed by the General Assembly in 2023, the Transportation Modernization Act allows TDOT to enter Public-Private Partnerships to deliver Choice Lanes, expands alternative delivery capabilities and creates parity between electric vehicle and combustion engine vehicle owners.

Additional information about TDOT’s 10-Year-Project Plan is available HERE.

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