Vol State restructures, renames Upper Cumberland locations

Faculty and Staff at Vol State Upper Cumberland - Livingston

UPPER CUMBERLAND – Volunteer State Community College (Vol State) announces the restructuring of its Livingston and Cookeville centers to serve the education and workforce development needs of the Upper Cumberland region. 

Vol State has aligned its Livingston and Cookeville centers into the Upper Cumberland Campus locations. The alignment now combines the two centers into a shared organizational structure that allows for leveraging of resources between the two campus locations. 

The two Upper Cumberland sites will share staff, faculty, technology and courses to enhance the education and workforce opportunities in the Upper Cumberland region. This move includes renaming each location from Vol State Cookeville and Vol State Livingston to Vol State Upper Cumberland – Cookeville and Vol State Upper Cumberland – Livingston.  

Combining the centers allows the college to maximize resources and expand access to offerings. The college can now offer courses between both centers via zoom technology. In this pilot year, a few classes meet two days a week, one day the instructor can be at the Livingston site and will zoom the course into the Cookeville site and then vice-versa the next day. This strategy allows for the college to continue with courses that may otherwise have low enrollment while also maximizing instructional staff.  

College staff that assists students with admissions, advising, financial aid, learning support and student services will now work between both centers to expand access and resources. By utilizing technology and sharing staff and faculty between centers, students will hopefully be able to reduce their travel and consolidate their time to a single center. 

President Orinthia Montague named Michael Powell (former Livingston Center Director) to manage both campuses as Upper Cumberland Senior Director. Lori Richards (former Cookeville Center Director) was named as assistant director of the Upper Cumberland Centers. Richards will continue to serve as the on-site director at Cookeville, with Richards and both Centers reporting to Powell as Upper Cumberland Senior Director.  

Faculty and Staff at Vol State Upper Cumberland – Cookeville

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