USMCA benefits Tennessee producers

NASHVILLE — The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has now gone into effect, providing new market opportunities for Tennessee farmers. 

“With the economic challenges that the agriculture industry has experienced in recent years, farmers throughout our state are happy to have this win,” Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Hatcher, D.V.M. said. “We appreciate our partners at the federal level for hearing the voices of Tennesseans and finding ways to provide more opportunities for fair trade for our hard-working producers. We will continue to amplify the needs of our state’s number one industry to support those who provide food, fiber, fuel and wood products for our communities and for the world.”

Under USMCA, Canada will increase quotas on U.S. dairy products and will treat wheat imports the same as domestic wheat for grading purposes. Mexico has also agreed that all grading standards for ag products will be non-discriminatory, benefitting Tennessee producers. The USMCA agreement is expected to increase U.S. ag exports by $2 billion and result in a $65 billion increase in gross domestic product.

“So much work has been done through the Tri-National Agricultural Accord, a longstanding commitment among the agricultural leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico to work together on agricultural trade and development issues,” Commissioner Hatcher said. “These efforts and partnerships continue to pay off.”

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is proud to represent Tennesseans in the agricultural and forest-products industries. Ag business owners who desire growth are encouraged to contact the Business Development Division with any questions, input or recommendations at 615-837-5160.

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s mission is to serve all the citizens of Tennessee by providing options for responsible use of our agricultural and forest resources, developing economic opportunities, safeguarding food and fiber, and ensuring equity in the marketplace.

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