Pictured above – TUTCO celebrated fifty years in business in Cookeville with a ribbon cutting. Pictured are: Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter, Cookeville City Mayor Laurin Wheaton, Glenda Bradley, Dane Irwin, Joanna Strode, Dick Bond, Linda Bradley and Angela Bruce

Longevity attributed to family atmosphere

Cookeville – Friday morning, TUTCO Heating Solutions Group, a heater and heating element supplier, celebrated 50 years in business in Cookeville by welcoming a room full of retired employees, current employees and city and county officials. There were cakes and a silent auction.

Pictured from l. to r.: Peyton Deveaux, Jill Hendley and Betty Blaylock

What else would you expect from a company that celebrates employees like family?

“It’s amazing when you look around and see all that we have been able to accomplish in 50 years, and how meaningful this has been to the community, and how many people we have been able to touch,” said Angela Bruce, Director of Human Resources. “Just to see the retirees and their faces, and all they have been able to accomplish. I am so glad we get to share this with all of our employees and the retirees.”

Tutco has been a strength in the economy since they opened the doors in 1972.

“This is the community which we live,” said Bruce. “We want to give back as much as we can, and that includes successful, meaningful employment.”

Longevity – TUTCO has been a part of the community since 1972.

Bruce says TUTCO is family.

“We are truly a family,” she said. “I know everyone says it, but it’s real. Everytone cares for each other. Once a Tutco employee, always a Tutco employee. We are part of the Tutco family.”

Putnam County Mayor Randy Porter says recently businesses have stood the test of time.

“I think it is the business-friendly attitude and environment we have here in Putnam County,” said Porter. “That started many years ago, and I think we have continued it on. TUTCO has hired thousands of people over the years and gave them the ability to feed their families. We are just so proud of them. We just look forward to another 50 years.”

TUTCO is Located at 500 Gould Dr. in Cookeville. For more information visit tutco.com.

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