The Bailey Company becomes state’s first TRUE zero waste certified company

NASHVILLE – The Bailey Company, Inc. has become Tennessee’s first TRUE Platinum certified company, having achieved an astounding 99.57% diversion rate from landfills at their Nashville facility through the creation of a strong recycling program and the development of an efficient in-house zero waste program. Leading the market in sustainability, The Bailey Company has also installed solar panels at eight facilities, converted all lights to LED and donates consistently to local environmental nonprofits.

“Sustainability has been important to us for a long time,” said Ryan Bailey, vice president of finance and operations. “TRUE certification through the U.S. Green Building Council legitimizes our efforts and clearly communicates our values to customers and suppliers. Our staff is also proud to be the first certified zero waste company in the state!”  

To create employee buy-in, company executives created a green team to involve staff from all departments and tied zero waste goals to performance metrics and scorecards. Staff were also encouraged to think creatively, resulting in the invention of an oil bottle draining device that allowed the plastic bottles to be recycled. The used oil is then used to heat our mechanic shop.

The Bailey Company is a family and woman owned forklift dealership headquartered in

Nashville and is one of the nation’s largest forklift dealerships. Since its founding in 1949, The Bailey Company has been dedicated to selling, leasing, renting, servicing and providing parts for forklift trucks in Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky.

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