Program designed for Licensed Real-Estate Agents and Home Inspectors

Nashville –  Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (“TDCI”) and the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (“SFMO”) proudly announce the launch of HEROES (“Helping Educate Residents On Safety”), a new fire safety education and recognition program. 

Created to raise awareness about the importance of home fire safety, HEROES gives licensed real-estate agents and home inspectors fire safety educational materials designed to share information about fire safety when they are in the homes of their clients. In return for sharing these materials, the licensed professionals will get an opportunity to associate their businesses with potentially life-saving fire safety messages each time they are with their clients.

“As Tennessee’s state fire marshal, I know that raising awareness about the importance of home fire safety will help save the lives of homeowners and Tennessee firefighters, alike” said TDCI Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Carter Lawrence. “The HEROES program is the perfect synergy between the State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Division of Regulatory Boards. Giving real-estate agents and home inspectors these memorable, easy-to-remember fire safety messages can help reduce the risk of fire fatalities in our communities and create a safer, stronger Tennessee.”

The HEROES program combines the resources of the SFMO with the Division of Regulatory Boards, which regulates over 300,000 professionals through its 26 regulatory programs. Tennessee real-estate agents and home inspectors can participate in the HEROES program by following these simple steps:

  • Licensed real-estate agents and home inspectors who are interested in participating should send an email to and provide their contact information including name, mailing address, and current phone number.
  • Once our team has verified that the participating individual is actively licensed by TDCI, a free HEROES starter kit will be sent to licensees. Kits include fire safety postcards and magnets that can be personalized with licensee’s contact information.
  • Once participants receive the HEROES kits, they’re encouraged to share their successes and messages via social media channels. The more creative, the better!

“As we have seen demonstrated through ten years of success with the ‘Get Alarmed, Tennessee!’ smoke alarm program, volunteers can make the difference when it comes to helping raise awareness of about fire safety,” said Assistant Commissioner for Fire Safety Gary Farley. “I hope that Tennessee real-estate agents and home inspectors will show their commitment to their community by participating in this important program.”

For additional information, visit HERE.

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