Tech Participating in CSforALL Accelerator Program

Cookeville – Tennessee Tech University is participating in a new initiative that focuses on accelerating the progress of local communities towards computer science education for all learners and increasing access to computer science learning opportunities through the CSforALL Accelerator Program.

Tech assistant professor of educational technology and computer science education Cory Gleasman leads Tech’s involvement by serving as one of the program’s Core Community Nashville Team members.

“The CSforAll Accelerator program is crucial for all stages of computer science education integration in Tennessee,” Gleasman said. “Innovation and progress are not made in silos, hence the true value of being a part of the collaborative Core Community Nashville Team.”

Gleasman says Collaboration is key.

“Collaborating with professionals and educators from various sectors allows Tech and me to extend our reach and impact all students and teachers across the state,” continued Gleasman.

The Nashville team will be a part of the first national cohort that involves five other communities across the United States. Together these six communities will reach over half a million youth who currently don’t have access to equitable computer science education.

Gleasman and Tennessee Tech established the first computer science education program in Tennessee in 2020, which led to his and Tech’s involvement with the CSforALL program.

“Our youth will never know a life absent of computers,” said Gleasman. “Due to this fact alone, the importance of integrating computer science into education is not only practical but essential. Here at Tech, we are proud to have taken the initiative to ensure teachers from various disciplines explore CS and integrate it into their current practices while obtaining a teaching endorsement. In collaboration with CSforAll and the Accelerator Program, my approach is to investigate and understand how computers and logic intersect everyday learning to provide as many CS education opportunities to K-12 students as possible.”

CSforALL is the national hub for the computer science for all movement, trying to make high-quality computer science education an integral part of K-12 education in the US.

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