Customers may now receive alerts to schedule no-cost appointments before an issue impacts their service proactive service calls expected to exceed 1 million in 2023

Cookeville – Spectrum will now offer Proactive Maintenance which, according to the company, brings a “surprising new dimension to Spectrum’s customer service across the company’s 41-state service area.”

Spectrum says as a business that makes house calls, it will redefine its commitment to customer service through Proactive Maintenance — leveraging advanced telemetry and network monitoring to identify and inform customers about an issue that may affect their service, often before they even experience a problem.

Proactive Maintenance brings a new dimension to Spectrum’s customer service across the company’s 41-state service area, including those in the Cookeville area. Recent surveys show 40% of Spectrum customers contacted for Proactive Maintenance were unaware of a problem with their services.

Spectrum is working to educate customers about this new service.

“We are continuously looking for ways to deliver the best service experience to our customers,” said Tom Monaghan, Executive vice president of Field Operations at Charter Communications, which operates the Spectrum brand of connectivity products and services. “Proactive Maintenance leverages our investments in both advanced network monitoring and our local teams of expert technicians, so we can evolve from a reactive, on-demand model, where a customer calls us with a problem, to a proactive approach of resolving an issue before they even contact us.”

According to Spectrum, there’s no cost for a Proactive Maintenance service call, and if a potential issue is detected, customers will be notified through email, phone, text or via the My Spectrum app.

“Think of it like seeing a check engine light on your vehicle,” said Charlie Agius, Spectrum Regional Vice President. “You may not be noticing an issue, but technology is telling you there’s something you should get checked out right away. Early feedback has been extremely positive …”

Spectrum logged 600,000 proactive customer visits in 2022 and expects to exceed 1 million in 2023.

Spectrum says early feedback from the model is overwhelmingly positive and customers should always report any issue with their service. They are currently hiring for the local field technician roles that are central to accelerating its transformation to Proactive Maintenance.

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