Smith County I-40 included in pothole repair and prevention plan

New enhanced resurfacing program in response to pavement failures

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has come up with a plan to reduce potholes and road deterioration that often occur during the winter months. This year’s wet, wintery weather has been especially harsh and accelerated the pavement’s decline in several locations. The goal of the new Enhanced Resurfacing Program is to address these concerns. 

“This has been one of the worst years we’ve seen for potholes,” said TDOT Interim Commissioner Joe Galbato. “It’s what we call a perfect storm with the extreme winter weather, regular wear and tear and pavement coincidentally at the end of its life. We want everyone to know we’re taking steps to prevent this in the future.” 

After a thorough statewide analysis that included combing through pavement data on every state route, we have determined locations in middle Tennessee that will not make it through another winter like we had this past year. 

  • Briley Parkway, Davidson County (from McGavock Pike to I-65)
  • I-40, Davidson County (from US 70 to Charlotte Pike)
  • I-40, Wilson County (from east of 840 to east of US 70 / east of US 70 to Smith Co. line)
  • I-40, Smith County (from Wilson County line to east of SR 53)
  • I-24, Rutherford County (from Medical Center Parkway to Stones River)
  • I-24, Rutherford and Bedford Counties (from east of Epps Mill to Coffee Co. line)
  • I-65, Robertson County (from Sumner Co. line to Honey Run Creek Bridge)
  • I-65, Maury County (from Marshall Co. line to near SR 99)
  • I-40, Cheatham County (from Williamson Co. line to Davidson Co. line)

“We are going to deal with potholes every year. But repaving these roads earlier than originally 

planned should prevent deterioration as we saw this past winter,” said TDOT Chief Engineer Paul 


Most of the work is being done at night to reduce the impact on traffic. This program is in addition to the regularly scheduled resurfacing projects and maintenance of patching potholes across the state. We are using all available staff and have augmented our resources with contractors doing pothole repairs. 

A reminder motorists can alert TDOT to potholes using this form:

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