Signature’s FLEXPath supports healthcare heroes with COVID-related challenges

LOUISVILLE, Ky.  While much of the world has stayed home during the pandemic, our full-time healthcare heroes across the nation have remained on the frontlines, courageously facing the continuing battle against COVID-19. Consequently, efforts to maintain a healthy work-life balance, without burnout, has remained an ongoing challenge. At the same time, this pandemic has caused unforeseen hardships for our healthcare heroes who want to be on the frontlines, full-time, helping their beloved communities, but unfortunately are unable to do so, due to changing family dynamics, household demands, home schooling and other circumstances. As a continued leader in finding innovative solutions to difficult challenges brought on by this pandemic, Signature HealthCARE founded a unique program called, FLEXPath.  

Signature HealthCARE FLEXPath allows part-time staff the ability to log into the FLEXPath Portal and choose their shifts and the facility where they can work. Unlike many other agencies, FLEXPath doesn’t use a scheduler to call part-time staff with a pre-determined shift or place of work. Our part-time staff selects their own schedule at the facility of their choice. This flexibility gives tremendous additional support to our full-time staff, helping them maintain a healthy work-life balance for themselves and their families, while at the same time, giving those healthcare heroes who are not able to commit to a full-time schedule, the flexibility to work with a schedule that fits their needs. 

“With FLEXPath at Signature HealthCARE, the only thing that isn’t flexible is our commitment to help reduce burnout and accommodate the need for work-life balance and enjoyment of life for both our heroic full-time staff and our part-time staff seeking to answer the call,” said Jim Steadman, director of FLEXPath operations at Signature HealthCARE. “Our full-time employees need the time to unplug and prioritize their lives to have the energy to enjoy life while on the frontlines. And our healthcare heroes who are unable to commit to a full-time work schedule, can still have the opportunity to fulfill their calling and profession to help their communities’ most vulnerable, and still earn premium wages.” 

Signature HealthCARE’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare and, in the midst of this pandemic, sometimes that means revolutionizing healthcare one-shift at a time, with the most innovative ideas possible.  

“Whether full-time or part-time, our stakeholders are nothing short of heroic,” said Shawnee Irmen, senior vice president of talent management at Signature HealthCARE. “They are invaluable to our Signature family!  I believe FLEXPath is the way of the future in providing our long-term care heroes the opportunity to serve with the utmost purpose! Accommodating our part-time healthcare staff with flexible schedules through FLEXPath gives increased opportunity to our healthcare heroes, helps us fill open shifts, and reduces overtime and burnout while increasing enrollment. That’s innovative thinking that brings vitally important results.”

Signature HealthCARE knows there are amazing healthcare heroes throughout its communities. They want to support their existing full-time heroes in its facilities and invite those who still want to answer the call, but on a part-time basis, to come join the Signature family. 

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