Pictured above, from l. to r.: Curtis Brown, Shiner and Gretchen Waterman.

Through the decades and a battle with cancer, Cindy Shiner has stood the test of time

Cookeville – 35 years ago Microsoft had only been public for two years, George Bush Sr. was nominated president and INXS topped the charts with the song “Need You Tonight.” In Cookeville, Cindy Shiner took a job at Wilson Sporting Goods (WSG).

She has been there ever since, and WSG says she is as much a part of the culture as basketball.

“She is well known for her dependability, attention to detail and fantastic sense of humor,” said WSG in a statement to the Upper Cumberland Business Journal.

Handling reports and data, Shiner began her career when Wilson stood on Depot St. in Cookeville where she worked with custom orders and stock. From humble beginnings in data reports to a supervisory role in shipping, Shiner is still shining.

WSG said a theme occurs when co-workers speak of Shiner – strength and selflessness.

“Cindy is one of the strongest and most selfless people they have met and is described as having a heart bigger than Texas,” said WSG.

What is strength? Strength is facing adversity and moving forward. Shiner was diagnosed with cancer, battled for ten years, and came through the fire stronger. If you ask those closest to her, she fought with positivity.

A heart bigger than Texas.

“When Cindy is not dedicating her time to Wilson, she is spending time with her family, possibly traveling somewhere on the hunt for a good Peach Bellini or at a classic rock concert with her son,” said WSG.

Where will we be 35 years from now? No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain. With strength and selflessness anything is possible.

Ask Cindy Shiner.

Photo courtesy of WSG.

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