Pictured above – Cheyenne McAbee is excited to transfer to Tennessee Tech.

Transfer students are known as the “Golden Raiders”

Cookeville – The “Roane to Tech” transfer program allows students to transfer from Roane State Community College to Tennessee Tech University to complete their last two years of college and provides students additional opportunities. The program that began in 2021 guarantees all Roane State graduates admission to Tech and provides a smooth transition for those students.

The transfer students are known as the “Golden Raiders,” a combination of Tech’s Golden Eagles and RSCC’s Raiders. The average savings for those who participate in the program would be close to $6,000 per year for tuition, according to Director of Admissions Frank Tittle.

“There are several benefits to the ‘Roane to Tech’ program, such as a waived Tennessee Tech application fee, students have access to a university advisor, their degree plans are predefined, dual admission to tech, access to special events, and free Roane to Tech gear,” Tittle said. 

Cheyenne McAbee, a Roane County resident, is one of many RSCC students who are taking advantage of the program. At Roane State, she is a sociology major, but when she transfers to Tech, she will double major in sociology with a concentration in criminology and criminal justice track, and political science with a concentration in legal studies.

“I chose this pathway because it offered me an amazing opportunity to have an easy transition to a four-year college,” Tittle said. “I have such an amazing support system at Roane State and Tech that allows me the best chance for success.” 

McAbee will transfer to Tech in August of 2024 and plans to graduate in May 2026. She said she wants to use her degrees to help “improve the criminal justice system” and prove that there are still people in this world who believe in justice and doing what’s right. 

McAbee said she is finding the transition easy, and all her questions, concerns, or needs are met as best as possible. She said she thinks other students should take advantage of this program because it has so much to offer.

“As a student from a small town it can be very hard to find information about transfer programs, scholarships, student life and student life,” McAbee said. “This program allowed all this information to be accessible, and it truly feels like I am being given everything possible I need to get to where I want to go. I have RSCC and Tech to thank for creating such an amazing program.”

McAbee said she is excited to transfer to Tech. She was impressed with the campus, people and programs when she visited a few years ago. 

“It feels like a family that I can always go to when I need help, and one that I can trust to always have my best interest at heart,” McAbee said. 

Amanda Hall, a Wartburg native, is another RSCC student who is taking advantage of the “Roane to Tech” program. Her major is environmental biology, and she will also transfer to Tech in August 2024 with plans to graduate in May 2026.  

Amanda Hall

Hall had expressed her interest in attending Tech after RSCC and her success coach told her about the “Roane to Tech” transfer program and that they offered environmental biology.

“As soon as I heard about it, I immediately jumped onto the opportunity,” Hall said. 

Hall said she thinks Tech will be a “perfect fit” for her and she’s “excited for her personal college journey.”

“Roane has proven to be a great partner and shares similar values when it comes to making sure students have success,” Tittle said. 

Currently students in accounting, agriculture, biology, business, psychology or sociology programs are considered students at both institutions. The program has grown with the addition of accounting to the list and with the number of students who are taking advantage of the program according to Tittle.  

“Roane to Tech” students get to utilize the same resources that traditional Tech freshmen do by having access to the team of advisors in the Launchpad Student Success Center. The center assists freshman and undeclared students in advising, transition assistance and academic and personal support at Tech. They help new students adjust to college life, navigate their first year on campus and support their transition into their academic program of study.  

“I enjoy working with these students to make this process as seamless as possible so they can live wings up!” Tittle said. 

For more information about the “Roane to Tech” transfer program, visit https://www.roanestate.edu/?12870-Roane-to-Tech.

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