Rollo Insurance expands to Cookeville

Photo provided by Randy Porter

Rollo Insurance had a ribbon cutting today in honor of its grand opening. The location is the first in Tennessee.

Founded in 2000 by Jason Rollo, Rollo Insurance’s goal was to couple “agricultural work ethic” with the “golden rule for serving others”. What started with a single office in rural East Texas has expanded throughout the country and is headquartered in College Station, Texas while serving 20 plus locations.

According to the company guideposts are, “advancing work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and an unyielding desire to give back.”

Rollo Insurance says there are three traditions to which they adhere.

“We’re growing, but we’re doing it in a way that makes us different,” according to  “We’re continually improving while proudly striving to serve every person in every market in a way that adheres to the time-tested traditions of “God, Family and Country.”  When we say, “the difference is real,” we mean it.”

They are located at 13 N Cedar Ave, Suite 102 in Cookeville, TN. They can be reached at 931-525-6979 or online at

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