Pictured above – New admissions counselors Johnathan Rich and Paige Reecer.

Positions that will enable them to help prospective Tennessee Tech University students feel comfortable making the jump to enroll

Cookeville – Paige Reecer of Cookeville and Johnathan Rich of Ashland City have both recently stepped into positions that will enable them to help prospective Tennessee Tech University students feel comfortable making the jump to enroll. Reecer is a transfer specialist. Having been at the university for four years as an admissions processor and then as admissions counselor, she has found a passion in helping transfer students along on their journey to become Tech students.

“It’s always really rewarding to sit down with students when they come in and talk to them about the transfer process,” she said. “Most of these students aren’t really sure about what their next steps are and how they move forward and it’s always great to see the worry and stress leave their face as I explain to them how easy it is to apply and receive a decision. They always say, ‘Oh wow! That’s not nearly as difficult as I thought!’”

Rich is an admissions counselor and works with incoming students of all types. He is a former Trailblazer – a Tech student who gave tours of campus to visiting prospective students and their families. Now a Tech graduate himself, he decided he wanted to continue working with prospective students.

“I loved Tech so much that I decided to come back after graduating and work in admissions!” he said. “Tech is for everyone, not just first-time freshmen, and I want to help everyone I can realize that.”

Now that she is the go-to and point of contact for all things related to transfer students, Reecer says she has been excited to talk to students who are interested in the campus and show them why she believes coming to Tech is an excellent choice.

“Transfer students, particularly those coming in from community colleges, are scared of getting lost in the shuffle and being a number, another filled seat or paper to grade,” Reecer said. “But when they step foot on campus as a Golden Eagle, they realize that ‘Wait—all my professors know my name,’ and ‘That office really took the time to help me with my transcripts or financial aid. . .’ and so on and so forth. These transfer students feel like they matter — because we make sure they do.”

Rich agrees.

“The opportunities to connect with people and get a great head start on your career that we have here at Tech, for me it is unmatched,” he said. “We also offer a quality education for a relatively low cost that produces the best return on investment in the state.”

They both enjoy sharing about the various resources available on campus to help ensure transfer students are getting the education and college experience they envision. There are now guaranteed transfer student scholarships available to those who meet the qualifications.

The three scholarship tiers include: $3,000 annually if the student has a 3.75-plus grade-point average (GPA); $2,000 annually if the student has a 3.50-plus GPA; $1,500 annually if the student has a 3.25-plus GPA and $1,000 annually if the student has a 3.00-plus GPA.

Once awarded, these scholarships are renewable for up to three years as long as the student continues to meet the renewal criteria.

“Scholarships take away from some of the stress that comes with paying for college,” Rich said. “Instead of focusing on making enough money to pay for college, the students are able to focus more on their coursework and other activities, so our new Tech Pride Transfer Scholarships will definitely help alleviate some of that stress. It also gives our students more opportunities for them to graduate debt free.”

“We know that paying for college can be daunting,” said Reece. “We also know that students who work hard should be recognized. Our new Tech Transfer Pride Scholarship gives transfer students who have performed well academically at their previous colleges and universities a great head start by helping alleviate financial burden so they can spend more time focusing on their school work and the experiences they create for themselves.”

Reecer and Rich also touted the other resources on campus such as the Center for Career Development, free tutoring, Intercultural Affairs and the study abroad program that regularly contribute to student success.

“Transfer students absolutely have a place here on campus, just like everyone else,” Reecer said. “They are free to join as many clubs as they would like, live on campus and go to events. This university is their university, and we are here to help them along the way, from applying and getting classes scheduled to cheering them on as they walk across the stage as Tech’s newest alumni.”

For more information about becoming a transfer student, visit https://www.tntech.edu/admissions/undergraduate/transfer/index.php.

Photos courtesy of Tennessee Tech.

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