Pictured above – Putnam County Superintendent of Schools receives a check for $60,200 from Dr. Dan Tollett, Utrust Administrator.

Putnam County – Putnam County School System (PCSS) has received a $60,200 mini-grant from Utrust to promote employee recognition and appreciation. Angie Knight, HR Director for Putnam County Schools requested the funds from Utrust to provide $30,000 to promote employee appreciation system wide and an additional $30,200 to be divided among all Putnam County schools to fund appreciation activities in each school.

“We are pleased to fund this project because Putnam County values every school employee and wants to recognize their contribution to a school or the school district,” said Dr. Dan Tollett, Utrust administrator. “This project involves students in Putnam County Schools being intentional about expressing appreciation to school employees who do things for them each day. Appreciation is certainly one of the most important lessons our schools can teach.”

Knight says PCSS employees deserve the recognition.

“Our employees are valuable beyond measure,” said Knight. “They don’t get the recognition they deserve for the job they do every day. This grant gives us another way to let them know how special they are.”

PCSS Superintendent Corby King says it is important for PCSS to show appreciation to its employees.

“Every employee of Putnam County Schools is important to the operation of our school system,” said King. “We want them to know that we value every one of them. We deeply appreciate Utrust making these funds available to our schools to allow us to recognize and express appreciation to our dedicated employees in a tangible way.”

Utrust is an organization that assists school systems in Tennessee with unemployment issues and in recognizing, supporting and appreciating school employees. It sponsors the Utrust Appreciation Program, a student leadership program that seeks to help students recognize and express appreciation to people who make their lives better each day.

Putnam County is one of 51 school systems in Tennessee that will collectively receive $1 million in mini- grants from Utrust. Dawn Fry, a Putnam County School Board Member, is one of seven trustees who govern Utrust.

Photos courtesy of PCSS.

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