The mission of the Farmer Veteran Coalition is to mobilize veterans to feed America

Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s (TDA) Pick Tennessee Products (PTP) program has joined together with Homegrown By Heroes to better promote local agricultural products produced by Tennessee farmer veterans.

The Homegrown By Heroes label is the official farmer U.S. military veteran branding program. Administered by the National Farmer Veteran Coalition, it certifies ranchers, farmers, and fishermen from all military branches to sell their products as veteran-owned and produced.

PTP has been connecting people everywhere to all the great things that come from Tennessee’s farms and food businesses for more than 30 years. The PTP logo informs consumers the products displaying it were produced in Tennessee.

“We are proud of our military men and women and are honored when they choose to join our agricultural community,” Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Hatcher, D.V.M. said. “This merged Homegrown By Heroes and Pick Tennessee Products logo will allow our farmer veterans to stand out in the market as not only a Tennessee product but also a veteran-produced product.”

The mission of the Farmer Veteran Coalition is to mobilize veterans to feed America. They work to cultivate a new generation of farmers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. The Tennessee chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC-TN) assists veterans by finding resources that will help them start their agricultural dream.

“As the president of the Tennessee chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, I am excited about the partnership of Homegrown By Heroes and Pick Tennessee Products.” Ron Bridges, owner of Bee Ridges Farm in Anderson County, said. “This merged logo will serve as a symbol of the productive partnership between FVC-TN and TDA. Many FVC-TN members have enjoyed the benefits of advertising through the Pick Tennessee Products website and adding their Homegrown By Heroes veteran status has helped increase their customer base. Merging the two logos simplifies their visual presence and honors their military service and their farm’s specialty status.”

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