NFIB Tennessee PAC endorses Lee for second term as Governor

NASHVILLE — The NFIB Tennessee PAC has endorsed Gov. Bill Lee for a second term. The political action committee is comprised solely of NFIB members from across the state.

“Governor Lee is the clear choice for small business in this year’s gubernatorial race,” said NFIB State Director Jim Brown. “Our members overwhelmingly say he deserves a second term based on his record the previous four years. Specifically, Bill Lee led the charge to utilize federal monies to bolster the unemployment trust fund during the pandemic, saving small businesses from triple-digit unemployment tax increases during a very difficult time.

“Additionally, he is leading the effort as statewide chair of the Vote Yes on 1 effort to enshrine our right-to-work law in our state Constitution this November. His administration budgeted and passed the elimination of the onerous amusement tax and worked diligently to add regulatory protections for small businesses.”

Lee said, “Supporting our small businesses across Tennessee has been and will continue to be a top priority of mine and my administration. Tennessee is a great place to own, operate, and grow a business because of the policies that have been put in place that create jobs, build and sustain our communities, and fuel the revenue growth we need to run and improve our great state.”

Today’s endorsement puts the considerable grassroots support of the state’s small businesses behind the governor’s campaign. Small business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for recruiting friends, family members, and acquaintances to vote. NFIB will encourage its Tennessee members to help turn out the powerful small-business voting bloc on Election Day.

About NFIB

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