Over the past 25 years alone small business has created 13 million new jobs

Cookeville – “Since 1943, NFIB has been the voice of small and independent businesses, working to promote and protect small-business owners’ right to own, operate and grow their businesses,” reads a release by the NFIB in celebration of the small and independent business advocacy group. To commemorate the anniversary, NFIB sent a special message to NFIB members.

“You’ve overcome hurdles every day to serve your customers and strengthen your community,” said Brad Close, President of NFIB speaking to small-business owners.

Close said over the past 25 years alone small business has created 13 million new jobs. That accounts for two out of every three jobs added to the American economy.

“While big businesses have laid off tens of thousands of people,” continued Close, “small-business owners continue to hire and grow. All of you are clearly the engine that drives the nation economy.”

The challenges to own and run an independent or small business are greater today than they have ever been.

“Inflation, high fuel costs, worker shortages and supply chain issues, not to mention threats of new taxes and regulations that are directly targeted at your business make it much more difficult to sustain a small business,” Close said speaking to small-business owners.

He said congress has another “massive” tax increase is scheduled by congress in 2025. According to Close, the small business tax deduction, which provides a 20% deduction to pass through business, is set to expire at the end of 2025.

“Making the small business permanent will be a huge fight,” continued Close.

NFIB was founded 80 years ago to fight for small businesses in “the states, the courts and Washington D.C.”

“To do that effectively,” close continued, “we need your stories and your advocacy to push back against unnecessary and burdensome regulations, high taxes and out of control health care costs. … Please join me in celebrating our 80th anniversary as we renew our commitment to fight for small and independent business.”

Photo courtesy of NFIB.

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