The Select Tennessee Certified Sites program helps communities prepare industrial sites for private investment and job creation, 70 sites have now been certified through the program

Nashville  – Macon-Lafayette Industrial park at Sneed Boulevard and Galen Road is one of three sites certified through the Select Tennessee Certified program. The 130-acre site, 75 of which is developable, has a sale/lease price of $20,000 – $50,000 per acre, is zoned for light industrial and is located 35 miles from the nearest four-lane highway.

The Select Tennessee Certified Sites program prepares industrial sites for private investment and job creation. The standards are rigorous. Attention to detail gives a company reliable information when shopping the area to set up operations.

The process ensures the site primed for development.

“Supporting Tennessee communities in developing shovel-ready industrial sites is essential as our state continues to lead the nation with one of the fastest growing economies,” TNECD Commissioner Stuart McWhorter said. “Through the Select Tennessee Certified Site program, we are ensuring that both our rural and urban regions have the assets in place to continue recruiting new projects to the state, and we look forward to seeing the future growth and opportunities that result from these new certified sites.”

Seventy sites across Tennessee have been certified to date. The newest certified sites and their local sponsoring agencies include:

Macon-Lafayette Industrial Park – Tennessee Central Economic Authority

PowerCom Industrial Center – Tennessee Central Economic Authority

East Tennessee Progress Center – Lot 12 – Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce

According to TNECD, there are certain qualifications a site must have to be certified. Those qualifications include having at least 20 acres of developable land for industrial operations, documented environmental conditions and geotechnical analysis, existing onsite utilities, or a formal plan to extend utilities to the site and truck-quality road access.

The Sneed Boulevard and Galen Rd. site meets all those qualifications with the available acreage, four-lane road access, utility services, topographic survey, geotechnical survey, endangered species and cultural resource reviews, among others.

TNECD has partnered with Austin Consulting to administer the certified sites program.

“Like many of the Select Tennessee Certified Sites, this process was a long-term effort for these three communities,” said Jonathan Gemmen, Austin Consulting senior location consultant. “Each of the three applicants showed both patience and attention to detail throughout the process. Most importantly, all three sites are in a better marketable position today than at the time of application.”

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